The physics research of Tom Lawrence

Welcome to Warped and Broken. This site describes my explorations of how the universe operates at its most fundamental level. My research focuses on:

  • The shape of the universe – both the familiar four dimensions of space and time, and additional dimensions:
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  • Symmetries of unified field theories and their relation to spacetime:
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About me

I have been passionate about particle physics and relativity since I was a teenager. I studied theoretical physics at the University of Exeter and received my MPhys in 1997. I then joined the High Energy Physics Group at the University of Southampton and researched non-linear realisations under Prof K J Barnes. I was awarded my PhD in 2002. Since then, I have not been attached to any traditional academic institution. My career has moved in other directions, but I have continued to indulge my passion, researching the areas described in these pages whenever I have had the time to do so. I joined an online academic institution, the Ronin Institute, in 2021.

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